Once upon a time... back in 2017, several Talk of Tulsa members decided to attend a Region 25 Quartet retreat, in an effort to discover what was so great about being in a quartet.  Somehow they all ended up in Darlene Rogers' Quartet Sudoku class and discovered the joy of ringing a chord with the right combination of people, 

Skip forward an hour, two of them were watching Titanium during a coaching session when an idea formed, and through a flurry of mad texting, two became three, and a pop-up quartet started to form.

They had a Lead, a Bari, and a Bass, but NO TENOR! If they planned to sing at the end-of-retreat show, they had to find that last part!  So they decided to steal one (shhh!)  from an existing quartet that was not able to make it to the retreat. 

The fab four sang for Marilyn Dickey, to get some last-minute tips.  She told them they sounded like they had been singing together for years!  So they gathered up their courage and without chemical assistance, took the stage and the crowd by storm as "The Tater ToTs."

Needless to say, the name didn't stick, but the voices did.  Through trial and error and lots of practice, Vocal Audacity formed in the summer of 2017 with founding members Teresa Totty on Lead, Jan Fisher on Tenor, Shayna Stubblefield on Bari, and Audra Nite on Bass.

At their first regional contest in 2018, they placed 4th.  In 2019, they placed 4th again with category specialist judges. Covid 19 canceled 2020 and 2021 competitions, but they are all looking forward to getting back to business in 2022!

Vocal Audacity is currently comprised of Teresa Totty on Lead, Jan Fisher on Tenor, Denise Fly on Bari, .  We are also proud to announce MaryJane Timpano on Bari for our local performances.
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